Eve Lyons

The Giving Tree Makes Me Want to Give Up On This World

In my world,
we bless our food
before every bite.
In my world,
we say thank you
after we are sated.
In my world,
we pay attention
to the impact of our words,
destructiveness of our footsteps,
we try not to add
to the darkness.
In Shel Silverstein's world
a boy takes and take and takes
a tree gives and gives and gives
until the tree is no more
and that is considered love.
In my world,
that's violence.

I am a 30 something year old married queer woman living in Boston, MA.
I have been previously published in Fireweed, Concho River Review,
Labyrinth, Women’s Words, Woven, Sapphic Ink, Texas Observer, Word
Riot, Houston Literary Review, and two different anthologies. I have
performed in the now defunct Amazon Poetry Slam for many years and
recently had a ten minute play in the production Ten Tiny Shows in
Cambridge, MA.

(author retains copyright)