Chiaka Obasi

The Impostor

You stood on that elevated podium,
Your eyes averting our eyes.
And eyeing the ceiling of the auditorium,
Your lips told good lies,
Which no excellent impostor could tell,
And only skilled salesmen could sell.
We have known you for what you are.

Your mouth has spoken.
Our hearts won’t hearken.
We want sincere men to give our votes,
And not he who won’t steer our boat,
For when the real you is unveiled,
We will look like our votes were for sale.
We have always known you for what you are.

All through your first tenure,
You were averse to our plight.
Though you claim to be our saviour,
Our district could not see the light.
Now, you want to return to that seat?
Over our dead bodies, you can’t have it.
We have known you for what you are.

Chiaka Obasi resides in Enugu, Nigeria, where he has worked as a copywriter, taught in a private school and now works with Global Human Rights Abuse Intervention Center, Enugu, Nigeria. He has a B.A. in Theatre Arts, a PGD in Journalism and has completed his course work for the award of M.A. in Theatre Arts at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria. His poems have appeared in Crossroads, an anthology of poems in honour of late Christopher Okigbo, Water Testament, an anthology of Nigerian poems on water and water-related issues, edited by Greg Mbajiorgu.

(author retains copyright)