Angie Thompson

Here We Stand Glorious, Emerged From The Den

you thought we were numb.

You thought we had drawn the curtain on political standpoints and foreign wars

"oh another one" we said,
and you thought we believed it.

You thought that we had gone to sleep,
put to bed like naughty children after a long day of fighting in the house
leaving you to carry on your better, more important things in peace.

I'll be honest that we were tired.
I'll be honest that we started to roll our eyes, and ignore the red flags, and give up on anything ever happening again.
But After all,
it had been a long decade
..and we'd seen more civil rights and Arab blood lost
than we ever thought possible.

Shock and awe, shock and awe,
..and then...

You know it is said,
after a trauma, an animal will isolate itself,
finding a quiet place to heal, before it joins the rest of its pack again;

Perhaps we have had to do that too.

Here we are, the long sleep of knitting bones and scars lifting,
awakening again to
what it's like to be together:
to do things as one.

Flexing muscles, pulling claws in and out
stretching and roaring like a lion with picket signs
we feel our feet on the ground again,
a pride of lioness, ready for hunt.


Between the clouds of tear gas and grenade smoke,
our eyes glow fierce and golden with life.

We will not be told any more lies and believe them.
We will not accept any more rules, and follow them
We will not turn an eye against the factories and drug sales and slavery
those corporations endorse.

It is time we find our moral compass, and start singing our own songs again.

Have you heard?

We are lifting up our voices;
finding strength.

Just the facts ma'am?

25, female, tall.
Relentless writer of all things, detail junkie, voracious consumer of children's literature.
Is generally woken up at night by thoughts of what it feels like to be a galaxy, or what
she's going to say next to whom. Just the RIGHT way this time.
Dedicated practitioner of Ninjutsu,
aspiring poet-warrior,
Literature, Fine Arts, Africana Studies.

(author retains copyright)