Sarah Elizabeth Hall


Pardon Me

I am an amnesty.
A type of propaganda
that would make old Tweed
proud-- a sebaceous gland oozing
the lies taught to me
by my forefathers.
I wear their sociopath,

They’ve left me
no company tonight
A nuclear light keeps hope
alive. Iridescent as Saddam
and Gomorrah.

I reside in the mesopotamic
promise that brought us all
together. A collaboration
of fists.

I am the legacy.
A gilded liver
full of your saloon–
collecting for punitive

Until I casually paw
at your broken door.

Wanting more.

Wanting more.

I am currently an MA Literature student at the University of South Florida holding a BA in Creative Writing and an undergraduate certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. I have traveled Northern America at length and have lived in Hawaii, Florida, and North Carolina.

(author retains copyright)