Carol Berg


Abu Ghraib

Some might say it is not polite to watch
the skin pull itself apart, or the red
wet wound, or for the body to interrogate
itself. But you must watch.
You are not permitted to help.
The preparations: select, pinch
fold and compress. The stretching
and the pulling down. Gravity
with its scraping teeth, with its
twirl & squish.
The slow control of the juice
hardening into crust. A technique
others cannot understand.
A technique with regard
to the bite. The chew.

I have poems forthcoming or in Fifth Wednesday Journal, Pebble Lake Review, Rhino, Sweet: A Literary Confection, Tattoo Highway, and elsewhere. I have my MFA from Stonecoast and have an MA in English Literature. I also work part-time as a Writing Tutor at Pine Manor College.

(author retains copyright)