Daniel Wilcox


To Whom It Does Not Concern:

Dear Monarch, Sovereign, etc.,
I hear that you pardoned
Another girl so troubled,
Raped; 'so it ever goes'
In your modern country;
What if I don't quite
Admire your travesty?

For her being in a vehicle
With a man not her kin,
She's only to be lashed
And imprisoned because
Of a gang rape by seven.
How generous of your lowness
Down from the basement
Below the fires of the burning.

So, if I don't bow to your Law,
Pardon me—surely you won't
Since I'm an infidel which in your script
Means hell to pay of the holocaust sort.

But when are you going to ever stop
Blaming innocent ones for the acts
Of religious men's defiling preys?

Sincerely not,
For your generosity to Miriam.

Daniel Wilcox, a former activist, teacher, and wanderer--from Nebraska to the Middle East--casts his lines out upon the world's turbulent waters and wide shores in Counterexample Poetics, Moria, The November Third Club, Tipton Poetry Journal, Lunarosity, The New Verse News, The Recusant, etc. His book of poetry, Dark Energy, was published in 2009 by Diminuendo Press. "The Faces of Stone" based on his time in the Middle East, appeared in both The Danforth Review and Danse Macabre. Daniel lives with a speculative novel The Feeling of the Earth, poems of Psalms, Yawps, and Howls, and his mystery-loving wife, on the central coast of California. Website: http://seaquaker.com

(author retains copyright)