Scott Owens


Noblesse Oblige

Third world countries rejoice!
We bring you salvation and civilization,
though it may cost you your life.
Dunking, pressing, hanging,
burning at the stake,
pulling assent out of heretics
with rack and screw,
never sparing the rod
from Muslim or Jew,
crusading against unbelievers
by drowning and hacking,
burning and sacking,
purifying in the name of Deus Vult,
or anything manifest,
genocide of Arawak
Aztec, Inca, slash
and burn, enslavement of Africans,
middle passage, internment then,
detainment now,
good Christian Nazis chuffing off
Jews to Auschwitz or slaughterhouse,
mutilation of Vietnamese children,
inquisition, crucifixion, excommunication,
waterboarding, confession, liberation,
Ra, Ra, Ra,
Huzzah, Hallelujah, and Amen
simply convert, submit, and
mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa,
all will be forgiven,
no penalty but collateral damage,
decapitation, shock and awe,
welcome to perfection,
celibacy maintained by fondling boys,
supremacy by economic sanction,
distant starving of millions.
Said one true believer to another,
It’s a good thing it’s all about forgiveness
because Lord knows we need it.

I teach at a community college in a very Southern town.

(author retains copyright)