Lynn Ciesielski


Ruling Through Terror

Gender driven fornication madness.
Political outcry. Fear instilling hell.
Pinch hit rapist soldiers
with arsenals stored in their pants.
Their flies serve as safety locks for rifles
they've carried with them all of their lives.

Ammunition loaded scum for hire.
Destroy the woman from within.
With permanent stun gun they rob her wealth,
squelch her dignity, her royalty, her humanity,
her ability to heal, to nurture,
to create new life,
to breathe growth into barren earth.
Now her confidence dissipates.

They steal her children,
destroy them too,
beyond the love of those powerful arms
that reach out to gather.
They emasculate her husband
by taking his ability
to provide for and protect
his cherished family.

Undermine the opposition
because they've got the power.
They'll hold onto it tight,
never let you speak,
never let you breathe.
They'll steal away your soul.

Would-be saviors seek to obtain
revenge for the victim and place the blame
where collective blame lies,
but the more deserved accusations fly
the more they fall
on ears stuffed with victims'
war torn dashikis.

Corruption begets corruption.
Oppression simply succeeds
at the hands and hearts of new rulers
who steal the worth from victims,
who seethe and simmer with the need for constant revolution.
Perpetrators rise to power, take it ever so higher,
robbing pride from others' fall in shame.

This poem was written to decry the mass committing of rape in Zimbabwe as a political crime.

(author retains copyright)