David D. Horowitz


The king dreads murmurs. Now, dissent earns jail
Or bullet in an alley, bomb through mail,
Or dagger to the heart, or enemies
Who live to make truth crawl home on its knees
And die there. Martyrs might persist. Dissent
That strong and brave don't dare call less than saint.

I founded and manage Rose Alley Press. My most recent poetry books, from Rose Alley, are Stars Beyond the Battlesmoke; Wildfire, Candleflame; Resin from the Rain; and Streetlamp, Treetop, Star. My poems have been published in The Lyric, Candelabrum, The New Formalist, and many other journals. Recent essays have appeared in Exterminating Angel and IBPA Independent. In 2005, I won the PoetsWest Achievement Award. In 2007, I edited, as well as published, the Rose Alley Press anthology: Limbs of the Pine, Peaks of the Range. I give frequent readings in and around Seattle, where I live. My Web site is www.rosealleypress.com.

(author retains copyright)