Priscilla Chan

What I have learned in the 16 years of my life

I have learned
To hate those who are different from me,
To force religious opinions upon a state,
And make it a law
Because we should dictate whom others may love.

I have learned, from this world,
My teachers, uncles and aunts,
To choose hatred instead of love,
To avoid gays and lesbians,
Because they are wretched, disgusting servants of Satan.

I have learned, from you all,
That equality is for everyone…
…who is not homosexual, bisexual or transgender.
That we should “protect” marriage,
From the gross obscenity that so very defines homosexuality.

I have learned, from leaders of our great government,
That we, the children, should hate and discriminate;
And when the time comes for our own children
To step on the surface of this planet,
That we should pass this hatred down, generation to generation,
So that humanity can never move forward.

This is what I have learned in the 16 years of my life.

I am a 16-year-old bisexual female living in California, USA.
My immediate family and I are all either atheist or agnostic but most of my relatives (uncles and aunts) here in California are Christian and were supportive of Proposition 8.
I am very upset about that proposition, and even more about the passage of it.
I am an Asian-American, having been born in Hong Kong and lived there for almost 13 years.
This poem is a satire, strongly centered on the policies that my uncles and aunts are teaching their children, on some lawsuit cases in California that I know of, and on the sad, obvious message about these people.

When a man judges, he judges himself.

(author retains copyright)