Chandler Crook

I intend to offend

I intend to lock myself in the principal’s office
and read excerpts on the intercom
from Huckleberry Finn
I will conclude with
a reading about evolution
while making monkey sounds

I intend to come out of the closet
in a Baptist church
in the Oval Office
in the Pope’s palace
and anywhere in the south

I intend to wear a cheerleading outfit
to the funeral of a child molester
later that day I will go to death row
and eat a serial killer's last meal

I intend to go to a Klu Klux Klan meeting
wearing a Malcom-X tee-shirt
I’ll show them pictures of my black girlfriend

I intend to send the president
a note stating: job well done
I will include obituaries
of those who have died overseas

I intend to offend those who
and hate
I intend to offend those
who have been offending me

Chandler Crook was born in Alexandria, Louisiana on September 19th, 1982, however she grew up in a small town in Siler City, North Carolina. She moved back to Louisiana in 1999 and graduated from Leesville High School in 200. Chandler attended Northwestern State University where she received her bachelor’s degree in the arts with concentrations in English and Anthropology. Her love for poetry bloomed under the tutelage of her professor, Dr. Julie Kane a well published poet and critic. While in college Chandler served as assistant editor of the literary magazine, Argus in 2007. Chandler currently lives in Natchitoches, Louisiana, however she plans to move to Sacramento, California where she plans to continue her education in poetry and education.

(author retains copyright)