AnnMarie Eldon


you over you/r mothermouth into me
you/r handedness for that: I
go to my gravitas with it: it
sinks to the clovergrounds
spurious as if were children reacts
more to how external measurers come
out into force into statistical into beliefs: we
conspire to jump to raise spirits to raise funds
any are the defiance acts any the facts
any the illusions further you trumpet
y/our call into me no palliative but
response: now how the blood
has it now how the flow too
in hut in gut in cut-to-
in token pardon in followings
there where the celebratory dance takes
place or costumes or the feast
shamanic histories shadows
palmprints across the cave
wall fireplace ritual the
elongated telling of
y/our softness offering
becomes cause becomes
reputed becomes precedent: but
numbers headcount a fact book a world
view round so that the whispers consumed
by old stars so that entire cosmologies
soak up the protests make up a river
of screams deltas sutures
scab patchworks
an equatorial covenance
ripped from mooring to primordial
back-aeons black and all-devoid thus: I
compress you/r scapegoat into a
chewable fury my ruse a
useless spit to the
you cover you/r tracks into me
you/r blindness for that: I
hurry to palpate the
worthy as we all do
but they are
buriable, merely

AnnMarie Eldon, an identical twin, evolved from cryptophasic origins in once densely industrialised Birmingham, England. She was taught by her gypsy grandmother to say the alphabet backwards before the age of three. Juggling various personae interiorae, children and hormones and practicing counter-cultural reclusiveness, she achieves adult differentiation and spiritual equanimity within the mediocrity of a picturesque Oxfordshire market town. She's best Googled yet poetry at 5 Trope, Arabesques, Argotist, mprsnd, Blazevox, Caffeine Destiny, Lily, Moria, Nthposition, Niederngasse, No Tell Motel, Shampoo, Stirring, Tears In the Fence, xPressed, zafusy et al. Her collection Some2 is available from:

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