Emmanuel V. Dumlao



the wind
yearns for the wings
of colorful kites, for the laughter
that used to roll over the clouds
and hills.

no, not even the crows
dare disturb
this hallowed playground
of helicopters and bombs.


a kite lay tattered
on the broken rib of a hill,
waiting for the touch
of those children
whose fingers now embrace
......the triggers

that skew their smiles
and numb their minds.


in this land of plenty
the grass don't grow green
...... no more:

a mass of spreading gray,
heavy with the sulphuric
dust of hell – the grass.

on their leaves cling
no beads of dew
only blots of blood
...... crying

'we are your brothers.'

Prof. Emmanuel V. Dumlao, 46 years old, teaches Philippine Literature and Creative Writing at the Universtiy of the Philippines Los BaƱos. He is a member of the Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP) where he worked as human rights educator from 1990 to 1998. An organization of grassroots and professionals, TFDP has been in the forefront of human rights struggle in the Philippines since it was established in 1974. Prof. Dumlao is also a member of bukalsining and Artist Club Philippines. Both of these organizations aim to promote humant rights through arts and literature. At present, he is taking up his PhD in Creative Writing in Filipino at the Universtiy of the Philippines Diliman.

(author retains copyright)