Michelle Tandoc Pichereau

If Only Asking Led to Something

Why aren't we storming the streets?
Why aren't we pledging hunger?
Why aren't we sending missives,
waving banners, raining flyers?
Why aren't we crying our eyes out?
Why aren't we pounding our fists?
Why aren't we shouting until our voice
is not just ours, but somebody else's?
Why do we still sleep at night? And why
in these darkest hours do we still tremble
from the prick of a needle, a speck of dust
and not even flinch from the sound of

Michelle Tandoc-Pichereau's work has been published in numerous print and online journals, including Wigleaf's Top 50 Microfiction 2008, The Humanist, and GUD Magazine. She was a finalist in the 2008 Sean O' Faolain Short Story Competition and Smokelong Quarterly's 2008 Kathy Fish Fellowship. Tandoc-Pichereau has lived in Manila and Los Angeles, and currently resides in Bretagne.

(author retains copyright)