Eliyahu Enriquez


Honor Thy Sons and Daughters

I did not want to go.
They described a War on Terriers.

I was not scared.
They promised Lifetime benefits.

I did not want to die.
They ran a background check.

I found no weapons of Mass destruction.
They handed me an M16 rifle.

I got scared of drones.
They threatened to court-martial me.

I did not shoot.
They arrested me.

I was sent home, Without Honors.
They called me unpatriotic, Faggot.

I cried in the back seat.
They didn't expect IEDS.

Shrapnel tore my guts out.
They ordered the siege.

I was buried in the wrong grave.
They sent letterhead to my pregnant girlfriend.

I fought to keep it.
They said I gave my life.

I was censored from calling them liars.
They gave a statement on the local news.

I was ashamed of them.
They said they were proud of me.

Mom fainted.
They said my father would have also been proud.

I wanted to live.
They called me a Martyr.

I die an Artist.
They call me Soldier.

I am still.

(author retains copyright)