Connie Walle


Should I Apologize

I know the curve of my breast
attracts your eye, my wet lips
when I smile, the smooth stride
of my step when I cross the room.

Is it my fault your breathing
becomes shallow, your palms sweat?
Do you hear voices from God
that I am evil? Do you fear me?

Is it my fault your rope found
my throat and you satisfied
your greed after I was dead
when I could not refuse you?

Should I have covered
my head with a babushka
worn long dark robes
instead of bright red lipstick?

Connie Walle is President of Puget Sound Poetry Connection, which just celebrated its 20th year, and secretary for Tacoma Writers, founded in 1919. She is an advocate of poetry for the State as she forwards announcements of all poetry activities and events throughout the state, including calls for submitting poetry.

(author retains copyright)