Judi Brannan Armbruster

I Fought Too

I fought the hands of men
off my too young body

I fought
Catcalls and wolf whistles
and persistent attempts at groping
my pubescent self.

I fought
Leers of older men and con men
As a divorced single parent.

I have always fought
Sexism and racism
Unjust wars
And so much more.

As a woman I learned
to fight just to be
Where is there honor for me?

Not one word this Memorial Day
For Freedom Fighters, Peace Protestors
Any of many Civil Rights Workers.
Or millions of incest survivors.

We have Veterans Day,
to honor War deaths.
Isn't it time we had
A Memorial for the REST?


I am a 60-year-old married mother of one. As a disabled RN, I returned to my Tribal homeland and began writing again after nearly three decades.
My last ten years are about my return "home," the cultural shock and the celebration of Nature's healing powers.

(author retains copyright)