Angela Consolo Mankiewicz

Considering “Empire”*

Warm, always warm
every day, warm
not hot, never hot, warm
everyday, warm
every night

A bird, not an eagle
dozes on a railing,
a suspended railing
in danger of melting
into the smoky milk
of a triumphal arch

while smaller beings
too new to remember cold
poke, scamp about in yellow light,
and plot.

*Watercolor by Kaplan


I was transplanted to Los Angeles, kicking and screaming, from Brooklyn, New York as a teenager. In another life, I was a systems development manager for a division of Xerox. Today, with some luck and a lot of work, I’ve been able to manage without a day job.

A brief literary bio:

My newest chapbooks, AN EYE, was published 2006 by Pecan Grove Press; AS IF, came out last year as a Little Red Book from Lummox Press.

My childrens' stories, THE GRUMMEL BOOK, were recently reissued year on CD by SHOOFLY.

Currently, I am collaborating on a 1-act chamber opera.

Publications include: Blind Man's Rainbow, Sketchbook, PRESA, Re)Verb, Chiron Review, Hawaii Review, ESC!, Comstock Review, Butcher Block, Pemmican, Outsider Writers, The Temple, Slipstream, Istanbul Literary Review .

(author retains copyright)