Ramon Weaver

Self Immolation

When no one listens.
When gas goes up.
When the cost of living goes up.
When taxes come around.
When cops kill the defenseless.
When business drives wars.
When you're hung over.
When youre in the bank and your account is empty.
When you need a drink
a friend, a lover.
When Hell is other people.
When the news is on.
When a commercial is on.
When you're pissed off and don't know why.
When you're declined, denied or convicted.
When you're in court.
When lawn mowers are there at 7 in the morning.
When she's gone with another man.
When she's gone.
When you're in handcuffs and squad cars.
When you've finally lost it.
When sacrifice is the end all be all.
When futures spawn from here and now.

There are better worlds out there,
there is a better world right here,
right now, inches away.

(author retains copyright)