John Kaniecki


Four Men from the Hay Market

Four men
Who defied unjust laws
Four men
Who fought for our cause
Four men
Condemned to die
The damning testimony
From witnesses being paid to lie

Four men
Hoods over their head
Four men
Soon to be dead
Four men
From the gallows an angry word
If your listen real hard
Their voices can be heard

Albert Parsons
August Spies
Adolph Fischer
George Engel

Four men like you and I
Truth be said
The rich men are glad they are dead
As is the state
Full of contempt and hate
But that truth I deny

George Engel
Adolph Fischer
August Spies
Albert Parsons

Four men
They are alive and well
Four men their story we tell
Four men
Slaughtered in an angry rage
Will live into every age
They are alive upon this page

The battle for a just Earth
The fight for what is right
No matter how we suffer or hurt
We won’t bow down to their might

I curse you cowards hiding behind a wall
I curse you cowards seeking to take it all
Your evil dreams and wicked schemes
Are not as powerful as it seems
For men will fight be they great or small
And we shall answer
To those four men who still call

This is the message that we hear
Resonating eternally clear
We are not slaves but forever free
And we have a right to live decently

Four men who fought for all men
Let the battle rage once again
What do we have to lose but our pain
And everything to gain

John Kaniecki has been married to his beautiful wife, Sylvia from Grenada for over seven years. The happy couple reside in Montclair, New Jersey. John and Sylvia attend the Church of Christ at Chancellor Avenue where they are both very active members. John is dedicated to peaceful, non violent, revolutionary change of the world. Oppression, greed, fascism and control are among the worst this world has produced and they should be fought with Love, compassion, joy, and such.

(author retains copyright)