Darrell Petska

Do I?

Do I pray for children bloodied and torn in Homs' streets?
Do I cry for them?
Do I raise my voice in anger?
Do I write my senator?
Do I rally my friends and neighbors?
Do I squander my anger and tears?
Do I turn my head from the news?
Do I flee to my favorite pub?
Do I throw down half a dozen drinks?
Do I convince myself Homs is a footnote to another man's history?
Do I fall into bed and dream?
Do I dare dream?
Do I dream of bodies bloodied and torn in Homs' streets?
Do I wake up?

Darrell Petska is a Wisconsin poet and former engineering editor for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Past or forthcoming publications include San Pedro River Review, New Verse News, protestpoems.org, Red River Review and others.

(author retains copyright)