David D. Horowitz


Five hundred peasants sweat
To help repay one noble's debt.

Raise questions, eyebrows, doubt,
And bishops sneer you're not devout.

Refuse to spy for priest
And neighbors whisper you're the beast.

Read books deemed heresy,
And you're a devil, Pharisee,

Or Muslim. Stoke your flame--
Some freedom's here, and I'm to blame.

David D. Horowitz founded and manages Rose Alley Press. Through Rose Alley he has published fourteen books, including his own poetry collections Stars Beyond the Battlesmoke; Wildfire, Candleflame; Resin from the Rain; and Streetlamp, Treetop, Star. His poems have appeared in numerous journals, including The Lyric, Candelabrum, and The New Formalist. His essays often appear in the online journal Exterminating Angel. His new poetry collection, Sky Above the Temple, is due out from Rose Alley Press in spring 2012. David gives frequent readings in and around Seattle, where he lives. His website is www.rosealleypress.com.

(author retains copyright)