David Michael Joseph

Standing Still in Palos Verdes

I followed the leader
But he was following someone else.
I asked the wise man for answers.
He said he had to think about it.
I asked the strong man to give me to give me a hand.
He said he had to ask the stronger man for help.
I asked the captain to take me across the channel.
He said he had to ask the first mate to take the wheel.
I tried to read the dictionary backward.
I tried to run a mile but found I was running in place.
I prayed to God for help.
He was in Palos Verdes playing golf.
With Donald Trump and John Elway.

I'm a Filmmaker, Poetry/Short story author and Screenwriter from New Jersey living in Los Angeles. I have a passion and love for poetry. I always include poetic prose in my filmmaking. I have created four short films. Shadows of Sepulveda and C.A.k.E, the most recent.

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