Abrafo Shanti

Orc Occupies Wall St.

In the foaming,
fermenting, and simmering pot of the diamond-stud district
Orc enters New York
Walks up, walks down
Wall St.
Waves of sentience crossing bridges, stopping traffic

Orc has entered New York

And echoing from the curling red lips of Brother West,
(the same color of all blood-laden lips)

"Don't be afraid to say 'revolution.'"

America is fainting
the citizens of New York
close their books and lock their diamond chests
as the human jewels in the crowd

"America, change the transistor in your heart and breast!"

America, America
is fainting,
like a blade of grass
from green to yellow to brown
in winter dusk and ivory surround
and the descent of the sun

masters of ecstasy call us forward and back
the Arab Spring to a Continental fall

"Don't be afraid to say 'revolution'!"

The world must stand still
for the eyes of the world to see its body

Traffic must stop

You are the eye that scans the glittering globe
a witness of body and mind
to wails and pains in the shattered earlobe
and thus
you are the lips to proclaim
the wrongs and writhes of conscience
the deafening screams of thunderous wails
the rhythms of earthen sights gone unseen
beneath the glare of capital's sheen
all life is holy,
life ought to delight in life

How do we bring back the sun?

I teach Philosophy at a university in America. The impetus for this poem emerged in me as a response to what I see happening right now as interpreted through the writings of William Blake.

(author retains copyright)