Michael Gregory


Speaking truth to power
Fighting fire with fire
Keeping alive to fight again
the battle if not the war

There are many ways to resist

putting money where your mouth is
body on the line
a monkey wrench in the works

Many ways to prepare

the body bags
the mustard gas
the Kamikazes
Ghost Dancers
suicide bombers


remembering who paid
for surgical strikes
smart bombs
strategic rapes
tactical bombers
death squads
mass graves

There are many ways to resist

lying down on the job
lying in
lying in wait
instead of just lying

Pearl Harbor
the Gulf of Tonkin
the Bay of Pigs
the Pueblo, the Maine
Abu Ghraib

the broomstick in Brooklyn
Rodney King in L.A.

the ace of clubs the king of diamonds
the pentagon the tower
connecting the dots
the poppy fields to the oil fields
the cotton fields to the coke plantations

boardrooms to party platforms
bank accounts to body counts

world banks
world trade organization
world trade center
world market
stock market
slave market
new world order

self-interest to vested interest
interest rates to tax breaks

sweat shops to laundered money
to keeping up with the Joneses

civil rights to human rights
birth rights to last rites

what wasn’t on TV
what isn’t on the history channel

Operation Chaos
Project Phoenix
Operation Mindbend

debt debit deficit doubt

Project Artichoke
Project Naomi
Project Monarch

the High Arctic Auroral Research Project
the harp angels don’t play

remembering who you are
remembering who you aren’t

An internationally-recognized toxics activist for many years, Michael Gregory's poems have appeared widely online and in print journals. He is the author of several books and chapbooks, including most recently, re: Play (Pudding House 2009). Mr America Drives his Car: Poems 1978-2010 is forthcoming from Education in Reverse Press.

(author retains copyright)