Frances Drabick

Can I Buy An O?

Obama, OPEC, Oprah, Omar,
Osama, Oz, Orman, O’Reilly.
They shoot for the moon, moolah, mogul-hood,
blind-bombing, false freedoms, body benefits,
busts to boons, and pointless positions
of antagonisms; for power points over: your thoughts,
your votes, your decisions & delusions,
your oil, your rights, your spiritual and health paths.
Some are poltroons, orators, confessors, popular,
oppressors, and nearly all, are self-ordained oracles:
an ‘oligon of the millionaires who want to sell you
an idea as they run the boob-tube like a school room
where we sit and stare, as typhoons of debt blow overhead,
and floods knock our homes off their footings;
where poorness pools at our feet, and too many nations of
citizens and soldiers ooze their marrow on dry sands
for a question no one knows and no one answers.
I’d like to buy an E and A, for Enough Already.

I am a grassroots, emerging poet. Pushcart nomination in '09. Poems in Off the Coast from '09-'11.

(author retains copyright)