Peter Tetro


I also do nothing
......just watch/listen
whatever meager news
smuggled or sanctioned
as a once proud regime
.......... strangles
all detractors
to poverty & destitution
long departed colonials
blamed for this their fate.

Mugabe plays on that
addressing the world
with flair to drub it in
while riding the bribed adulations
from that minority favored
allowed (by law)
to pursue
...... torture
........ kill any dissent.

The once freedom fighter
who mocks the world
...... gets verbal discouragements
no sharper than an unintended tut-tut
........ slap on the wrist
from fellow African politicos.

A country dying from neglect
inviting devastations
of Biblical proportion…
just another slum-hood
of the global village
begging more than prayers
while passing by
eye averted, nose pinched.

I’m ashamed!

I have retired to Kingston, Ontario, where I volunteer and continue to write and participate in local reading series. I’m published or forthcoming in Vista (Canada), Down in the Dirt, Westward Quarterly, Thick with Conviction,, The Pink Chameleon, The Green Silk Journal, Pulsar Poetry Magazine (U.K.) and The Cynic Online Magazine. I believe that all humans have been created equal. I grieve today's devaluation of the individual whether that is in some developing area of the globe or right here in our own backyard as we become mere units of production measured on the quarterly bottom line.

(author retains copyright)