T. L. Cooper


Foreign Language

The words you speak
I do not understand
They sound like a song
But could mean anything
Please keep talking

All around me
The words continue
A fleeting sense of comprehension
Am I right?

In any language
Laughter sounds the same
Tears communicate clear emotions
Love flows between words
Anger bleeds through
Words still unknown

Is communication beginning?
We of two different languages
Finding a way
To reach one another
To connect
To understand each other
To bridge the gap
Between individuals
Between cultures
Between peoples
Between countries

Even to change the world
In a small way
So please keep speaking
I’ll continue to listen
Maybe someone else will as well

T. L. Cooper grew up in Tollesboro, Kentucky. She graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a B.S. in Corrections and Juvenile Services and a minor in Psychology. Her short story, Fortress, won second prize in the Professional Division of Idaho Magazine’s 2005 Fiction Writing contest. Her articles, essays, short stories and poetry have appeared in magazines, books, and online. Her essay, Common Values, won first prize in the 5th Annual Be the Star You Are! Essay Contest. She contributed an essay, The Gift of You, to Be the Star You Are! for Teens. She is the author of the novel, All She Ever Wanted. Currently, she and her husband live in Albany, Oregon.

(author retains copyright)