Stephen Jarrell Williams


Black Crude

Doing her dance
on a plastic tarp,

she calls herself
Mother Earth...

A high stage
above a packed house,

cheering wildly
they want her to strip...

She curses,
tearing her expensive dress,

hissing at them
getting what they deserve...

Black oil pouring from her grin,
gushing out between her legs,

flooding the isles,
drowning the gauntlet of men,

out the windows and main doors
a river of black crude,

submerging their shiny cars
and butt of their city,

down street after street
waves deep into the farmlands...

She's gyrating now,

lighting a match
to her slick body,

the whoosh of flames
cauterizing the entire planet.

Stephen Jarrell Williams has been called "The Poet of Doom," "A Voice in the Wilderness," and "A Minstrel for Love." He was born in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. His parents are native Texans. He has lived most of his life in California.

(author retains copyright)