Bridget Nutting



You say you speak for me
and countless others;
your perverted words hung loosely
on a wooden cross stained with the blood of innocents…
You lie.
No parent who truly loved his children
would wreak devastating death and destruction…
punishment for sins past…
tremors thrust violently into the earth…
Vengeance fraught with fear.
What loving god would rob
husband from wife,
child from parents,
or parents from child,
leaving behind emptiness and sadness
to forge fault-lines through the purest hearts?

Do not cast your cloak of joy at someone’s suffering,
all the while claiming others do also.
I personally and vehemently renounce any perceived connection
to your Robertsonism or Limbaughism cults –
Pseudo-religions professing retribution as a godly act.

You hide behind our first amendment.
You pretend to defend holy covenants.
You rejoice in the suffering of others.

Do NOT speak for me…
Your hate is a poison…
Your arrogance a travesty…
Your ignorance of all that is pure, and true, and holy
screams loudly each time you speak.
Where is your compassion?
Where is your empathy?
Where is your love?
The greatest of these is love.

I choose Love…
You do NOT speak for me!

I am a high school English/Language Arts teacher and visual artist. I especially enjoy teaching at-risk students to use their writing and art as a means of reclaiming their power and voice. I have personally been writing poetry and lyrics since I was four. I continued writing throughout my teens as an escape from the horrors of daily abuse. Much of this writing was purposely destroyed by my mother. In addition to poetry and art, I currently dabble in short stories and non-fiction. I am slowly gaining the courage to share my writing with the world. Most publications have been along my journey in junior high, high school, and college literary journals.

(author retains copyright)