M. L. Emmett



The poor keep moving
as if relocation
could reframe the algebra.

They cannot see that repetition
traces patterns
in their life.

New beginnings become as hopeless
as stale finales
of debt and desperation.

Wishful thinking makes for certainties
gambling against the odds
of possibilities.

Whispered prayers and incantations
leaves no space
for reason’s compass to steady and settle.

If they stood still and mapped the moment
both sides of the equation
would simplify

and they might construct
a new geometry
of anger.

Maggie Emmett is the current Convenor of Friendly Street Poets, the longest running poetry reading group in the southern hemisphere. There are in their 35th year of operation in Adelaide South Australia. Maggie is from Reading in Berkshire but now lives in Norwood SA. She has worked as a Registered Nurse for 15years mainly in ICU, Retrieval & Casualty services. Also, she has worked in India & Africa. Her second working life was in English & Media Studies, as a graduate, post grad & academic. Now she is an editor with Activator Communications. She has two daughters, three grandchildren and is a poodle tragic. Her main ambition is to protest against injustice, cruelty, poverty until she dies and to daily increase the empathy quotient in the world. Her personal dream is to become the official Poet Laureate of Norwood.

(author retains copyright)