Gary Dubola Memi

A Treatise on the Nature of Previously Published Electronic Arts

Please take this protest
And consider it a threat
Yes you

Writing to you
Is like writing for war
Or anything else

Your applied rules
Your universal theory
Is keeping me bound

When I break free
I mean really free
I will take a piece of you with me

The part that cares
And the part that wears clothes
The cart that comes before the horse

I have divorced myself
From the ridiculous notion
That your red tape is gracious

I will canvas my own halls
And spin my own wheels
For as long as your greasy rules apply

What you're missing
As a lot
Is probably not much

But maybe tomorrow
A solid gem will burden you

Often in treaty
We bring things to tables
Like bread from hearth

Thanks for being consistent
My protest remains the same
Against you as it is with others

Not to lump
But how does it feel
To fold your arms at a gift

A common problem
A simple fix
Set this poem free

Gary Dubola Memi currently lives on Long Island and commutes into Manhattan five days a week for work. On these mornings, you can find him writing poems, turning your sleepy train car into a veritable café. That is if you ride the Long Island Rail Road. You can also follow his progress at Gary lives with his wife and dog and yet to be gender constructed fetus.

(author retains copyright)