Nicole Goodwin

A Poem for Reinaldo

No one fights when beauty dies
Whether it was crushed by human hands
Or just with words and undying wills
There is always silence.
Looking deep into this fact,
Even I am no exception.

Dedicated to Reinaldo Arenas

Nicole Goodwin is a twenty-eight year old single mother, writer and poet born and raised in New York City. She has performed at many spoken word venues including two featured performances at V-Day Poetry Benefit Concert on Feb 2005, and the Defenders of Love Benefit on Feb 2008. Her further literary achievements include the publications in three non-fiction anthologies: We Got Issues: A Young Woman’s Guide To A Bold, Courageous and Empowered Life There By Hangs A Tale: The Birth Issue, and the August Issue of Underwired Magazine, poetic inclusion in the 2008 Voices of Israel Anthology, The City College of New York’s very own publication Promethean along with a fictional piece printed in City College’s Global City Review.

(author retains copyright)