Katrina Carmichael

The Question of Purpose

All of life is purpose, purpose, purpose
And yet I've found none. Drastically easier to
Deal with a purpose when sure of the pureness
Of God. My first fountain of doubt burst through
When I was twelve -- the first time I put my
Bible down. I saw hate, hate, hate. Hateful
Crimes, hateful minds, hateful times-- all denied.
Those who read only the Word, the faithful,
Their tombs cry the creed, "Turn the other cheek;
Look no further than your own purposeful space."
How odd--that God would reward those who seek
Him, while others gape at a martyr's burnt face.
I can't battle that which I do not believe
But I can beg, plead, let no purpose bleed me.

Katrina Carmichael was born in Atlanta, Georgia, where she first fell in love with the arts. She started her artistic career at the ripe age of three when she discovered dance and theatre. Since then, Katrina has written and published numerous plays, poems, and short fiction pieces. She holds an M.A. in Professional Writing with an emphasis in poetry from Kennesaw State University and a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts from Boston University.

(author retains copyright)