Jason Venner

This You Must Know

Revolution is a complete replacement,
one for another;

an establishment torn to its foundation
and rebuilt again;

a phenomenon of unexplained bodily transformation,
the conjugation of in-and-animate;

a cycle of forms, both heavenly and machine; a swirl
of patterns on pavements and interstates.

Many mistake revolution for rebellion,
the embodied action of the rebel,

who seeks to undermine authority
through the use of force

and intimidation. Rebellion however, is easily misled
by impassioned speech,

opinion and drink, and should be trusted
as much as an apology.

Given revolution’s resolve in certain matters,
rebellion is hesitant to make promises,

and seeks rejection, while revolution
seeks completion.

There is a marked distinction.

I earned my MFA through the Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts in May of 2008 and currently teach composition and creative writing at the University of Akron and Kent State Stark University. I am an editor for the Akron-based lit mag Barn Owl Review and some of my independent work has been published in EDGZ, The Naugatuck River Review, Glass: an online journal of poetry, and Softblow to name a few. In my spare time, I take hikes and play guitar.

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