Katrina Hays

Fling the World Upright

...............Shari'ah, or sacred law, is the combined set of
...............individual and social duties prescribed by the Islamic faith.

Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was
visiting her grandmother when the world
capsized. God – why do you allow the hawser
of sanity to yellow and snap, hurling
us into sin? She was thirteen; a child.
A brave one, to report the grim act done
to her by craven men. But in the eyes
of Shari’ah—her adultery. Stoned
to death, Aisha (whose name sounds like wind
rushing across sand) died in Somalia:
victim of lust and law. And here, within
my grief such vengeance writhes. I am appalled
that I would pluck those men from my right eye.
Their offense against us all— Misery.

Katrina Hays is a writer who lives in Bend, Oregon. She is a student in the Rainier Writing Workshop, the MFA in Creative Writing program at Pacific Lutheran University.

(author retains copyright)