Marybeth Rua-Larsen



......for Furkan Dogan

Unarmed. Unjust. It’s pandemonium
when wheel chairs and cement can’t reach the quay,
when protest, or Lennon on harmonium
for “We Can Work It Out” can’t take away
their righteousness. Unthink. Unspeak. Unhide
the guns that don’t exist? What choice but splinter
sticks on legs in self defense? Outside
we witness tensions rise but unsign Pinter’s
name from JfJfP; we’re facing
nothing, our policy’s a giant brick
we hurl to sink their ships as TV-chasing
politicians slip and slide in their own slick.

Four bullets in his head. Can we refrain?
Undo? Unlearn enough to start again?

Note: JfJfP is Jews for Justice for Palestinians

My work has been published or is forthcoming in Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, The Raintown Review, Measure and The Battered Suitcase, among others. I live on the south coast of Massacusetts and have spent my teaching career working with affirmative action programs building basic writing and reading skills and teaching English to second-language learners at the college level.

(author retains copyright)