Jean Copeland


Proposition 8

Voters banned gay marriage
in California—52% don’t
like it, so nobody should.

Will Proposition 9 ban
halter tops, low-hanging
pants or Mohawk haircuts?

Then Proposition 10 can
ban you from letting your kids
eat French fries, stay up late.

Proposition 11 might ban you
from dating non-Christians,
anyone who flouts convention.

Surely Proposition 12 should
ban Harry Potter, all books
with references to dark arts.

What if Proposition 13 bans you
from speaking out about what
you believe is wrong or right?

What unique, untraditional
quality of yours is slated for
the next referendum? How
will everyone vote then?

Jean Copeland is a Connecticut poet whose work has appeared in Blue Unicorn, Caduceus, NEBO: A Literary Journal, Connecticut River Review, Main Channel Voices, and Folio. She is also a published lesbian fiction writer.

(author retains copyright)